Mr Matthew Gee MBBS, BSC, MSC, FRCS (Tr&Orth) Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon


"Thank you for taking away the pain. And thank you for giving me my life back, and the ability to walk are a star!"

"Mr Gee gave me a right hip replacement 10 weeks ago which has been extremely successful. It was executed so well and the pain management was so effective I never experienced anything worse than mild discomfort at any time from the moment I entered hospital. I can now walk comfortably, and drive short journeys and look forward to resume playing golf in a few months.Mr Gee was charming, thorough, and explained everything very clearly. I hope I will not need to use his expertise again, but if I am unlucky enough to need surgery I would not hesitate to consult him."

"I cannot stress just how impressed I was with Mr Gee. It started with the initial consultaion and he was very reassuring. He listened to the issues I had been having with my knee and discussed the various options dependent on the scans etc.Once the scans /x rays reviewed I saw Mr Gee and he discussed the options. I had my rplacement knee aurgery three weeks ago and I am so pleased with the results to date. I am very postive about the future and my quality of life improving. The whole experience has been 5 star. The Hopsital care was fantastic too as is the post op physio therapy. I was very lucky that Mr Gee was recommended to me and I know that I will have to have the other knee operated on in the future and will return to Mr Gee to have that surgery. Thank you."

"Mr Gee has been very helpful concerning all surgeries on my knees, including follow up, listened to my concerns, and has been very truthful with his opinion, whether that be good news or bad (As in surgery required again) I believe that honesty is the best option when it comes to surgery, and Mr Gee went through all options available, and recommended the best option for me."


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